How much does craft weigh? Exhibition at Kammakargatan 52 where Matilda Beckman invited 18 designers to sell their products on a weight basis. If a coffee cup for example has a kilo price on 890 SEK and weighs 420 grams it costs 373 SEK and so on. This exhibition brings up questions about how much is craft worth and how much we are willing to pay for it. The exhibition and shop is open between 1-22 december 2016.

Axel Wannberg
Dennis Graben
Emeli Höcks
Elina Johansson
Ekta Ekta
Erik Nyström
Fredrik Paulsen
Jenny Nordberg
Karl-Joel Larsson
Kristoffer Appelvik Lax
Kristoffer Sundin + Aron Kullander Östling + Pål Rodenius
Malwina Kleparska
Matilda Beckman + Jonatan Nilsson
Max Ronnersjö
Nils Bengtsson-Blomstrand
Sara Söderberg

Graphic design by Lina Forsgren and Fanny Alvarez